About Us

Our GoBlue team has more than 35 years’ of aviation experience with a combined total exceeding 20,000 hours. We range from flight instructors to airline pilots.  We have experience working and living in various parts of the world. From private jets to the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner, we will have the right crew member to assist you with your aviation goals.

This is the vision on which GoBlue Aviation is founded. Even though it is a business, I wanted to create a daily win-win environment for my team and especially for the people that decide to use our services. 


Captain Brooks

My life gravitated to aviation ever since I can remember. Now that I am a pilot,  I had an unique opportunity to fly the Airbus 380, the super, the largest passenger plane in the world. Being a pilot allowed me to fly for different airlines, touch down in different countries,  lift off from every continent, and clock thousands of flight miles in the process.  It also gave me opportunities to meet people, and asked some of the most interesting questions. The most common one was of course, “How can I become a pilot?”

With the amount of information available at the moment, it can be pretty confusing for someone to decide which is the best option for them to start their dream in aviation. When most of us were starting out pursuing our careers, there were only a few places to go, the military or the local flying school. Most of us did not have any guidance so we just did what everyone else did. We either joined the military, spent tons of money, or those with a less fortunate financial situation were forced to give up on fulfilling their dreams. If you decide now that you want to become a pilot, being overwhelmed is not enough to describe how you feel after starting your research.  

The GoBlue concept was born a few years ago in a key moment of my life. After passing through a life-changing experience and hearing my doctor saying that I was given a second chance, the following scene suddenly appeared in my head. While on a repositioning flight, I had a random conversation with the passenger sitting next to me. After a few hours of conversation, I found out that she wanted to become a pilot. By the end of the flight, we came up with a plan to start her flight training while working. Today, she is flying for a major airline.  The feeling of helping someone with their dreams was amazing! I realized at that moment I had found my new passion. “I am deeply aware of the great opportunity that was given to me to become a pilot, and because of this, I wish to give back by sharing my professional aviation knowledge with you.” 

With a little bit of guidance and a personal touch is all it took! Our team at GoBlue share that vision with similar stories and our community continues to grow everyday. We believe that doing what you love and if you do it with a strong desire of helping people around you, great things and careers can be accomplished. We are here for you.

Capt. Jasen Brooks