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Pilot Career Consulting

Pilots, Welcome to Go Blue Aviations Career Consulting Service! 

We have successfully helped Pilots with the following: 

  • choosing the right full or part-time flight training school
  • finding and preparing for cadet programs 
  • help with Pilot CV writing and interview preparation
  • advice and help for low time pilots looking for employment
  • conversion of licenses and medicals from/to different authorities 
  • searching for aero-medical facilities worldwide
  • introduction to aviation and the pilot career
  • resume’ building
  • general advice and help
  • help with budgeting and planning pilot training
  • referrals and discounts with our authorized training organization partners
  • reviewing training contracts 

Why would I need a Consult?

  • Are you looking to become a Pilot and don’t know where to start
  • Are you a Pilot who is changing / transferring licenses or looking to renew / revalidate, issues with your medical or has a hard time finding relevant information to a specific problem. 
  • Or are you a current student, stuck with no progress, in need to change schools / instructors or are running out of money / options. 

Consultation Form:

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    How does it work? 

    1. Fill out the Form below. Tell us about yourself and your request. The more information you can give us the faster we can get you top solutions. But don’t worry if you miss out something, we might just ask you for more information later. 

    2. We send you our Offer. We send you an estimate of our work and explain what we can do for you. Just follow the payment link and get your invoice. (We use Stripe as Payment Gateway.)

    3. We get to work. Once the we receive payment we look at your individual situation and find applicable legal requirements, regulations and tailor a way to help you overcome your current challenge. 

    4. Results. Once we are positive we have exhausted all angles we will present to you our findings in a structured PDF. 

    Why does it cost money? 

    Information is available and free in abundance around you and we encourage everyone to look and make an effort to find solutions by themselves.

    Most of our clients have done exactly that and found that the information is just overwhelming and in a lot of cases just not clear enough or seems un-relevant to their specific situation. 

    Why waste 8000 Euro on a PPL that you don’t know how to finish? About to sign up for a Cadet Program where you don’t understand the Contract? Are you wasting hours emailing back and forth with an Authority trying to change a ATPL or get some answers? 

    Making an informed decision is a great way to save money in the long term.   We spend hours looking through regulations, talking to authorities, schools, instructors, students and Pilots to get information so that You don’t have to. 

    A few points to note: 

    • We are not a flight school, as such we do not offer flight training 
    • While we have worldwide partners we work with, the consult is objective and will look at your specific requirements first before anything else
    • transparency is key = we will be open and upfront about everything we find, but require full disclosure from our clients to be able to get proper and valid information 
    • the consulting service is an advisory service only. We do not enroll or book any courses for you, arrange visas, medicals or give out legal advice. We do find relevant regulations and will quote applicable phrases but ultimately the client is responsible for his/her actions. Go Blue Aviation can’t be held accountable or responsible for any errors, changes or misinterpretations of information provided. 
    • we typically process requests within a week. If it takes longer we will keep you up to date of our progress and timelines
    • our findings are presented to you as a structured PDF document for your reference
    • we are interested and invested in getting everyone to a good outcome, as such we might contact you for a follow up and appreciate feedback
    • Please do not send us unrelated requests, job applications etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions:


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