At GoBlue Aviation we offer various in-class online certification courses with a live instructor that authorize you to write your Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam. Our courses are designed like a college semester, which include mini quizzes, assignments, and homework. The course is not designed just to pass the written exam; we want to ensure that you are safely prepared and have a sound background knowledge.

You can start your course at anytime. Each course length ranges from 6-13 weeks. Classes are 1-2 times every Saturday for 3 hours. One on One classes are also available on your schedule**

Saturdays 8am-11am EST

At the completion of this course you will receive a certificate that allows you to take your final FAA written exam.  The certificate is valid for upto 1 year. If you are unable to take the exam within the year you must take a refresher course to revalidate the certificate.

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