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If you would like to study in America or you already found a good school in America you can always convert the license to EASA or other once you decide which country you would like to work or you have best job offers, The price of the conversation may differ from the school you decide to do the conversion and the market prices. But it is important to take in consideration that if your future plans are to work in Europe it is easier to take the EASA License. Because if you study FAA and then you convert to EASA, besides the price and bureaucracy of converting the license, its necessary to do all the ATPL theory again. It’s easier to convert from EASA

In short: Because they do not have to and it is easier just not to answer.

The truth however is they are not evil or do not care about you. Airlines and most general companies get Job seeker emails and phone calls everyday, even without advertising or looking for Job placements. When engaging in a conversation a company:

A – has to either pay someone to directly answer hundreds of emails or pay someone to supervise a system that automatically answers hundreds of emails everyday.

B – risk upsetting you or getting quoted out of context by you.

By not answering job requests a company leaves things up to your imagination, which can be frustrating to you, but is safer, easier and cheaper for the company or airline.

Do not be discouraged but rather spend time preparing for the positive answers as well as improving your chances of getting an interview.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

Bose qc25 or qc35 – Noise cancellation to which you can attach in flight mic Bose A20 – Certified aviation headset, with noise reduction. David Clark H10.13 – Commonly used aviation for its quality and duration

GoBlueAviation FAQ

It depends on:
– What Passport you hold
– Where you would like to live or work – Schools and prices
You can convert licenses. It is important to take in consideration that some licenses are easier to convert than others.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

In Europe the cheapest options are in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Eastern Regions.

In the US the cheapest options are in less populated areas in Florida.

These are very general assumptions contact us and let us help you choose the perfect school for you.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

Most Pilot shops, Flight schools sell Posters of Cockpits useful for chair flying. In 4Vientos in Madrid they have a shop it’s called Bucker that offers a great variety.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

In most countries around 65 years old is the age limit for Commercial Pilots. Most airlines (unless a cadet ship) don’t post age requirements when recruiting adverts because it is consider age discrimination. Your Medical will be the most determining factor after your 40th Birthday.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

On Windows:
– Prepar3D
– Microsoft Flight

Simulator On Mac:

– XPlane 10/11

GoBlueAviation FAQ

Class 1 Medical Exam takes 2 – 4 hours. And includes:

– Eye examination, – Blood tests,
– Several questions

about your

history and past. – Physical


GoBlueAviation FAQ

“Basic Physics and Math“ Is recommended to review Math problems like isolating one or two variable (transposition). Also look into Newton’s laws of motion and differences of Mass, Weight, speed and acceleration. I would also start conversions from gallons into the liter, meter to inches and so on. Basic Algebra and Trigonometry. https:// us/book/maths- and-physics-for- pilots/ id592113679? mt=11

GoBlueAviation FAQ

In US: It is possible to do it online once your school gives you the approval or in any police station. But it is necessary to provide them your US address. Most of the time the flight school brings you to a local police station and you do it online, there is no cards and no mailing. It is important to mention that the fingerprints for VISAS and IMMIGRATION are different departments. https:// afsp/ find_location.asp From Dubai: Is also possible to do it. You need to make sure you get the details of the course from the school. IR and Multi takes a week to get approved. PPL just a few days.

Exams are a Pilots companion. Wherever you go or whatever you do, there will be an exam to test your knowledge. Preparation is key.

Do your best to pay attention. Follow instructions and take notes, compare your understanding with others and ask if you need clarifications.

Hit the books. Find and read material relevant to your course and exam topics. Once again take notes and re-write your notes every once in a while.

Dive into question banks and sample exams. Time yourself and work in exam settings. If you are not allowed to listen to music in the exam don’t listen to music on the sample exams either.

Don’t overdue it. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Take breaks and rest. Meditate, eat well and do some exercise – but you should be doing this already anyway.

Set yourself up for success. Plan your studying and breaks and stick to the plan. Check with others who have completed the exam or course and take proven methods with your own twist, if it worked for others its a good start for you.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

GoBlueAviation FAQ

• Location
• Weather
• Aircraft availability and serviceability
• Cost
• License opportunities and restrictions

The Payment structure of the school.

It is very important to visit schools yourself and ask questions. Even going for an introductory flight can help see the way the school functions and if you’d be keen to go ahead with flying.

Starting training is as easy as getting a medical and signing up for a (PPL) Private Pilot License at your local Flight School or Flying Club.

If you plan on a Career in Aviation we recommend to plan a bit further ahead. Speak to one of our Consultants to find the perfect strategy for your Training as well as advise on where and what to sign up for. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Flight-Instructors teach others how to fly. There are a few different Flight Instructor Ratings. You can attach the rating starting from a PPL (with CPL Theory completed).

The reason why this is such a mysterious question is because there is no one answer.

Where are you doing your training? What licenses do you want to do? Are you studying full time, or while working? What ratings are you adding to your license? How well do you study? And many many more parameters that will define the final price. Even flight schools will not be able to guarantee one final price since weather, fuel prices and your performance will ultimately influence the price you pay.

The best way to get a realistic and objective view is by contacting us for a pilot consultation. We will take into account your personal requirements and help you find a suitable price range to start your career.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

ATPL Theory is valid for 36 Months without CPL and 72 Months with CPL.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

We advise to pack a power bank from a reputable Brand. You should be able to recharge your device at least twice to full capacity.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

Yes – The deposit normally is to pay for the ground school and some flying hours, but good schools in the US will let you pay per hour.

Previous studies in aviation, mathematic, physics, aeronautics, mechanics or related fields might help you personally to study and understand parts of flight training better. But it will not make a difference for enrollment or the prices quoted by the Flight school or training organization.

Previous studies or experience might also help you find a job after flight training but they do not guarantee job placement.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

It is possible to convert but the procedure may be different from country to country.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

The Civil Aviation Authority or short CAA is a national regulatory body responsible for aviation.

The FAA is the Federal Aviation Administration and manages Aviation in the USA.

EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency and oversees the CAA’s of European Member states.

ICAO is the International Civil Aviation Organization. The ICAO oversees and sets minimal rules and regulations for Aviation worldwide.

If you are allowed to work in Canada/Europe/USA you are allowed to instruct and be employed as a Pilot.

A FAA license does not automatically allow you to work in the US. Likewise a EASA License does not automatically allow you to work in Europe. The same is true for Canada and collectively most countries around the world.

Having a license from the country you want to work in “might” increase your chances very slightly to find an employer that is willing and able to employ you as well as sponsor your work permit but without significant experience lots of hours and/or very specific ratings the chances are very low.

Getting a foreign license makes sense for conversions, price and quality of training.

GoBlueAviation FAQ

This is the list of approved schools outside of Europe.

https:// www.easa.europa.e u/download/ato/ List-of-ATO- certificates.pdf

GoBlueAviation FAQ

We offer Aviation Weather Tutoring. Be it for your curiosity or ATPL Exams – we got you covered. Youtubers come and go 😉 – but we are here for you.