International Student Application

    Do you require an English Course?

    Do you hold a Visa?

    Do you hold a US work authorization?

    Do you hold a US work permit?

    Are you a CFI / CFII:?

    PPL (EASA Only)

    CPL (EASA Only)

    ATPL (EASA Only)

    Do you require accommodations?

    Document list – Email clear and legible documents

    1. Photo ID
    2. Pilot Certificate FAA
    3. Flight Instructor Certificate FAA
    4. Medical Certificate/Basic Med FAA
    5. TSA Citizenship Verification
    6. TSA Security Awareness Training

    Medical Appointment and Transportation

    We will book the next available medical appointment and email you. On the allotted day and time we will provide transportation for you from your hotel to and from the medical appointment. You will also get your fingerprinting done the same day.