Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

If you already have your IFR rating on your pilot certificate, you can attend any of our Instrument Pilot Test Preparation programs as a review of the newest IFR Subjects. This is an excellent way to prepare for an upcoming Instrument Proficiency Check and/or Flight Review. Our FAA Test Preparation program covers all the current knowledge requirements contained in 14 CFR 61.57 (IPC). Let Aviation Seminars help get you current flying IFR again. Subjects covered during the class include:

• IFR Rules and Regulations
• IFR Preflight and Departure
• IFR En-route and Arrival
• IFR Approach and Landing
• IFR Navigation
• Aircraft Instruments
• IFR Flight Planning
• IFR Weather Theory
• IFR Weather Reports and Forecasts

A lot has changed since the last time you reviewed this subject matter. This ground course is an important piece of a perfect re-current program that will make you a more current, knowledgeable and safer pilot in the process.