What does Go Blue Aviation do?

“What does GBA do for me?” In depth look at our services. 

What flight school should I go to? What Licenses do I need?  

Even experienced Pilots with thousands of hours have often difficulties finding the right information on how to transfer licenses, renew ratings and what new Laws and rules are applicable to their individual situation and which are not. And once you start the process you find out half of the things are missing, outdated or have already once again changed.  

Our Mission

We at Go Blue Aviation strive to provide the ultimate one stop destination for the human side of pilot training – YOU. Aviation and aviation training is very tightly regulated but also very fluid and dynamic – things do change and often without much notice.  

Stay up to date

Keeping up with everything that EASA, FAA, IATA and Airline Companies themselves are doing is near impossible. On the other hand, finding what counts for you individually on homepages, forums and hear say is tiring and usually gets you only halfway to your goal.  

That’s why we created Go Blue Aviation. We help you from choosing the right flight school to switching jobs and transferring licenses and everything in between. Your first Job, your Exams, your Medica,l we find and solve everything related to your individual situation.  

We do work with partners and affiliates that we trust and have good experience with but we keep our independence. We will always offer you choices based on your situation and our experience.  

Examples relevant for you

Did you make a “bad” first choice with your flight school and would like to change but don’t know how or when? – We can help you find a new school based on your situation and needs as well as talk with your current school.  

You have trouble scheduling your medical since your work plan or the roster doesn’t match up with the Doctors availability? – GBA has great connections to get you a Medical on your Layovers or Holidays without impacting your life.  

You have a medical from one country, started flying in another country and now you want to build up time or finish off your training in yet another country? Is that even legal? Will they credit the hours? – We have a huge community of Cabin Crew turned Pilots with us that have trained almost everywhere and together we are sure to be able to find the right answers to your situation. To top that off we will be able to save you money by finding you the simplest and easiest way to get things done – your way. 

Be part of the bigger Picture!

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